Am I the one to help you?

You’re here because you know you have to do something, you realise you need support, but don’t know what.

You’re in the right place if you are ready, willing and able to invest in YOU and do what needs to be done.

Please read the column on the left to see some of the circumstances my clients are currently experiencing.


I am the one to help you …

If you are looking for a real-life down to earth mentor with loads of empathy and many years of experience then you and I need to talk. You see I care. Deeply and passionately about people who are enduring emotional pain due to life’s challenges.

I have empathy with you and the way you are feeling – I’ve been where you are right now. I went through a crisis in 1994 when I was the victim of an horrendous knife attack by my ex partner. As a result I suffered mental health issues and PTSD but thankfully this was “a beautiful gift in an ugly box”.

It gave me my purpose; The Life Guidance Mentor.

I became incredibly intuitive and connected. I was able to make people feel safe, they started to pour out their deepest fears, some of which they had never shared with a soul before. In return I offered acceptance, comfort and clear direction on what they needed to do to overcome it all. Simple tools and techniques that I personally use to maintain my mental health and well being are shared. Often new ones are given in the moment.

You may never forget what has caused you this pain but together we can harness its energy into reclaiming your PPI – Your Pride, Passion and Inspiration when you finally step into your power.

YOU are amazing and chances are once you have come through all this even more amazing than you ever realised.



Here’s what I offer …

        • Click this banner to read more information on my brand new online mentoring programmeSoul Gym
        • Or if you prefer one to one mentoring, together we will create your own mentoring programme based on your individual needs. We might kick off with a four hour session £497 then follow it through with weekly sessions to gain momentum and share the techniques which you then take home and practice.
        • If you’re a business owner and something isn’t right you need my BEA – Business Energy Assessment. together we will look into every aspect of you and your business so we can find where you are not aligned. A one off session is £360 or three sessions are £997.
        • Unlimited 12 months mentoring programme is £5000
        • 6 month UNLIMITED mentoring programme is £3000
        • 12 ONE hour mentoring programme is £1497
        • 6 ONE HOUR mentoring programme is £777
          but if this is out of your price range do get in touch
          as we can sort something out to suit you and your needs.
        • Become a Magical Manifestor 6 week Online Course is £222
          YOU will be shown how to become a magical manifestor and co creator. Following my feature on Love Letters to The Universe in August’s Take A Break Fate & Fortune Magazine, my friend and client Lucy Pemberton-Platt (featured in the article) and I have created this course for you to study at home in your own time. You will receive a weekly video, notes, a worksheet and email support to answer your questions.
          I will also be interviewing the most amazing manifestor I know; my 26 year old son Sam who manifested a dream hol and job in Dubai followed by working in Brazil at the 2016 Olympics. I have seen him manifest in minutes once he has decided what he wants.

          • Become an Angel Card & Energy Reader
            This six week online course will teach you how to choose your angel cards, bless and prepare them to work with you.
            You will be shown how to do a general reading for you and others, how to get your questions answered and much more. Alison will also share her natural ability on how to read energy to assist your readings.

            • COMING SOON  How to de-stress and maintain anxiety all for £222. 
            • You can benefit from reading one of my books – Awarded By Angels, Bringing You Back To YOU, Get That Friday Feeling and Where is the Pot of Gold? – Alison’s NEW Children’s book OUT NOW – Only 5.99 plus £2.00 p&p. Click the image to purchase.


      But don’t take my word for what I’ve done for other people, click here to read what they say

      Please note all my services are payable upon booking. Once payment is sent, the energy builds, the work starts and the ideas start coming our way.

      Please note I ask you to respectfully observe that I operate a 24 hour cancellation policy.