#Love Is The Way


It’s been a while since I’ve blogged. I’ve been busy living life, working on my businesses and making a difference wherever I can.

I simply had to write this blog to share some news with you.

Recently, I was approached by a National Daily Newspaper to give them my intuitive thoughts on Prince Harry and Meghan just after their very royal wedding on Sat 19th May 2018.

I love Prince Harry and have been the proud recipient of two letters from him when I invited him to become Patron of my charitable mental health company The Butterfly Haven Company.

So when I was asked to write some content about him and his beautiful bride, there was no way I would  say anything dishonorable and would only submit what I felt was truth.

Being an Intuitive I often get images, words and thoughts about people, situations, outcomes etc and use this gift in my work as The Life Guidance Mentor, to Bring You Back To YOU during my one to one mentoring sessions, books and blogs.

This request was no different.

The sun showed it’s full glory on Saturday 19th May. I was in sunny Malvern enjoying a ‘street party’ with my hubby and friends, waving my flag and eating jelly when the info started to flow.

I eagerly got out my notepad as the wedding commenced and the words flowed…just like the bubbly!

The following notes are what I wrote about our Duke and Duchess of Sussex;

“Meghan & Harry represent hope and diversity.

They represent the bringing together of nations and unity consciousness.

As she walked up the step by herself, this was a metaphor for Meghan’s sole (soul) journey  entering into a family; The Royal Family.

Meghan is:

  • dedicated to her role.
  • Her love is genuine
  • She epitomises a strong warrior woman, courageous in not knowing what is ahead of her but nonetheless walking into the breach of the unknown ( the steps of St George’s), walking as one soul ready to unite with another – Harry.

The wedding symbolises countries joining together.

Meghan will carry on Diana’s work – landmines and Africa are prominent.

There may be even be an adopted child from Africa.

There will be TWO girls born to the marriage.

As they merge as ONE  union, ONE couple, they inspire the world to merge even with their differences.

“Embrace your differences for that is what makes you unique. Also learn to embrace others’ and learn to live together in acceptance of differences.”

Meghan &Harry are a symbol for the union of two unique warriors who are joining together to make a difference within their own differences.

Signing the register represented the signing of the peace treaty(s) and future collaborations of peace, the power of LOVE & Unity.

Meghan represents finding your own voice, as an individual and as an individual as part of a couple. and of a nation.

Meghan is open to hearing and experiencing different people and situations and tries not to judge.

She is:





Some will say she is selfish but she has a dogged determination when she sets her mind on something. She goes for it full pelter!

Sometimes she can be moody but if left on her own she will come round.  Do not try and coax her unless it’s with humour!

Together they have a wicked sense of humour – wicked as in really naughty and funny.

I then heard LOVE IS THE WAY, then the American Reverand started his (long) presentation lol

I loved how they both looked like they were really going to collapse into giggles.



What are your thoughts on the royal couple and their union?


Until next time taraa


Alison Ward The Life Guidance Mentor – Bringing you Back To YOU

all rights reserved @2018


15 thoughts on “#LOVEIsTheWay

  1. This is very interesting and I do agree it’s a big step forward in bringing different cultures into the Riyal Family although this has done before with Queen Charlotte, wife if George iii, who was of black descendants.

    Then it was hidden not it’s welcomed, heralded and hopefully encouraged for future generations of royals to follow suit.

    Love is definitely the way whether it be romantic or otherwise

    Thankyou for your words of wisdom.

  2. My thoughts are linked to my gut feelings which are positive and joyful.
    Harry & Meghan are kindred spirits and the love they have for each other is genuine.
    I feel their union will help to make the world a better place for all manner of reasons.
    They are truly suited and respect each other.
    I wish them every happiness for the future💙❤️

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