Soul Gym

Would you like me to mentor you?

I’m starting a brand new offer on 1st March 2017:

The Soul Gym Online Mentoring Membership Programme


It’s a group mentoring online membership programme ran by Alison Ward, of Alison Ward Mentoring.

It’s £40 per month, the price of a gym membership, but giving you tools, techniques and tenacious results that last a lifetime not just for a few months of the year. We’ve all been there!

You will receive:

  • Daily posts by me in a closed FaceBook group so only our members can see the posts.
  • If you are not on FB I will email you screen shots of the chats plus:
  • Videos
  • Motivations
  • Tips
  • A weekly chance to ask me questions
  • A chance days to break down your dreams and desires into action so you won’t go into ‘overwhelm’. We will work in 90 day blocks, breaking them down into 30 days then seven days then a day at a time.

It really is the most cost effective way for you to access mentoring with myself and all the experience that brings.

Still not sure? Read this latest review by Karen who is nearing the end of her six session programme:

“I decided to have a mentoring session with Alison as I felt disconnected and feeling like I had lost where I needed to be. The first session with Alison was amazing – I felt the connection start to come back by the end of the session and did not have to think twice to book a block of sessions. After six sessions Alison has not only supported and guided me to feel connection again, but provided invaluable insight and guidance in helping me with my business at a time of reinvention and deciding the direction I wanted to take next.

Alison is insightful, warm, empathic with a wonderful humour on life itself who has become a trusted friend and confidante. These sessions have brought me back to me – I am happier, motivated, excited and enjoying life due to the fact I am being true to myself once more and having the confidence to develop and grow listening to my intuition.

All I can say is how deeply thankful I am that I reconnected with Alison – who is a breath of fresh air. I highly recommend Alison’s sessions and her book “Bringing you back to you” if you need a simple, genuine and highly effective support and guidance in your life both personally and professionally”.

I didn’t write this myself..honestly!!! Thank you Karen P!


I LOVE the clients my business attracts, they are so open to change, transformation and certainly do put the work in. I can only do so much for them BY BEING THEIR FACILITATOR. The rest is up to them!.

So if you would like to sign up, simply click this button:


• and don’t forget to buy a new journal to record your findings in.

If group membership isn’t for you give me a call to discuss your very own made to measure programme to suit you on 07876 330238 or email me at


* Terms & Conditions

I agree to the following:

I will set up a standing order for the sum of £40 per month starting on 1st March 2017 to Alison’s business account. I understand I can cancel at any time by emailing Alison at

I will turn up with an open heart ready to interact and take part in the group.

I honour myself and my journey as I start the road to bring me back to me.

What goes on in the group stays in the group ie I accept and understand the importance of confidentiality to the other members as well as myself.

I am so excited about this new scheme as I know it will reach more people who are waking up, or wish to develop more. I promise you, I will give you my 100% as always.



If you know of anyone who would benefit from this do pass this on. Remember I offer a gift of £50 for all referrals when they book in.





Angel Alison Ward