Testimonial for Alison Ward

I have known Alison for a good few years – I helped her publish her books, so we already had a great connection. I also knew Alison could help me with a lifelong issue – but to begin with I was reluctant to ask for help. If there is one thing that I’ve learnt about lasting change, is that you need to be completely ready for it – and open to the commitment. It wasn’t until a traumatic event happened – Alison and I dubbed it ‘Mirror Gate’ that I realised I needed to get ‘it’ sorted. I contacted Alison, and we then proceeded to a 3-month mentoring plan. Now, I had already received counselling (2 others to be specific) so I was a little sceptical about why this would be different – but I shouldn’t have been. Alison is truly amazing. She was able to get to the root of the cause within the first two sessions – her ability to wade through the ‘crap’ that I used in defence was brilliant – and she is quite simply the best at what she does. 6 months later I’m a changed person. I keep in touch with Alison, as it’s vital to keep up the work, but my changed behaviour have become habits and I feel so much more ‘me’. If you are at all wondering if Alison can help, just get in touch. She is a miracle worker – and as long as you have the right mindset to be ‘open to change’ – then you’ll get spectacular results. Do it and as a wonderful quote says, ‘Everything you want, is the other side of Fear.’ – My mantra for 2017!


BEA – Business Energy Assessments

I started working with Alison in November 2016, This fantastic work has enabled me to do the following things in my business:

  • Clear away unhelpful energy blocks, identifying my worries and looking at practical solutions – this means I had more clarity for planning my next steps: I changed my business name and took ownership of who I was being – for the first time in 4 years I was in alignment with my business.
  • With clarity in place Alison helped me to look at my skills and capabilities, we focussed on what it was I wanted to change in my business including my offer to clients. My prices increased.
  • Alison supported my planning of physical workshops and packages – together we worked out prices and ‘value’ for the time investment that leads to change – she helped me understand that the ‘value’ of the work I do – it can not be counted merely in hours, because of this my perception of my work changed and my value increased.
  • The monetary investment with Alison was returned within three weeks because clients recognised that I had more to offer that resonated with them. I was able to tell them with confidence about how I could help them and as a result my sales increased on average by £600 -£900 per month gross income (November 2016 to February 2017).
  • Alison enabled me to embrace my truth of how I wanted to ‘show up’ with clients, ensured that I understood how to work effectively and hold my energy to work without burnout.
  • Strategically, I was able to use the advice, tools and techniques to grow my own personal development of my business and increase my profit margins.


I’m a practical Yorkshire lass so it took a lot for me to think about spending more money on coaching. To be frank, when I booked in a discovery session with Alison Ward I was not sure what to expect.

Turns out, Alison had me ‘sussed’ from the moment I opened my mouth – don’t expect the ‘light touch’ approach from this lady – she gets straight to the point: from the first call I had an ‘awakening’ myself that I had been ‘hiding’ behind a business name that no longer resonated with me. Alison’s first question was like someone opening all the doors and windows on a spring day – my mind suddenly cut through all of the emotional crap I had been making up about who I was and we sorted that from the start. From that point I became clearer – by the end of the discovery session I was so focussed that I called my PR lady and set to work on a new website.

Investing in Alison’s skills set and intuitive work means clearing your energies. I find it exciting to work in a new space for possibility and watch my business as it transforms before my eyes. Interestingly, within 3 weeks of working with Alison I had recouped the full price of my coaching by booking in clients who were a much better ‘fit’ with the way I was working.

I would describe working with Alison as enlightening and powerfully engaging; my approach to my business has completely changed; I’m ready to make decisions that I may have previously ‘stalled’ on and my mind-set has shifted further towards being ‘capable’ of working with my business rather than feeling lost with it.  Alison is without doubt sincere, passionate and authentic in her mentoring and guidance work, let’s face it, I’m from Yorkshire so I don’t part with money for ‘nowt’ but in my opinion an investment in Alison Ward’s mentoring is invaluable.

Julie Phillips – Therapeutic Coaching

Thank you so much for your guidance, I feel like I’ve found myself again, and my purpose is so clear now!


A fantastic session once again.  I feel liberated, focused and connected which is wonderful.

Truly wonderful thank you xxx


I was referred to Alison through a mutual contact, however I had been connecting with her over the last 2 years through a range of online forums.

I had recently developed a range of children’s books and wanted to connect with my messages to ensure that they evolved into their true potential. Alison openly explained that it was very difficult for her to describe how she worked as each session was so unique to the client she worked with, but this was soothing in itself as so often you cross paths with people who regenerate the same ideas with different people.

I cannot even put into words what working with Alison is like, it was the most uplifting coaching that I have ever experienced and in the course of the energy session she empowered me to reach emotions and dreams that I had previously kept smothered. In addition, she supported me in healing the lessons of the past in business which opened my mind creatively and imaginatively. By the close of the session I was exhausted but enlightened.

Through working with Alison I am now so in tune with my calling and purpose and I have a clear intention of how I wish to move forward, additionally I am more aware of those who I need around me in this part of the journey. The beauty of the session was its multi-layered approach, there was no prescription or rules, it was fluid and embodied all the aspects of holistic coaching. Today, in the light of a new day I am ready to embrace my passions and move towards them flexibly, knowing that I have the resources and skills to greet my purpose with open arms.

Alison, I cannot thank you enough.


Timeline Healer of Children
Author, Speaker and Therapist
Restoring the innocence of children

Mentoring programmes and one-off sessions

A series of events led me to Alison, initially I didn’t know how she could help me but Alison instinctively knew what I needed. She worked with me before our session to ensure our time was optimised and Our session was nothing short of amazing. Her knowledge and instincts are so finely tuned and she let her guides assist her in a way that had me gobsmacked. She is very gifted, straight to the point and tells you how it is and I respected her guidance 100%. I’m enrolling in the Soul Gym but more important have become more involved in the We are Awarded group and have a real Earth Angel in my life forever.

Amanda Kirtley

Thank you so much Alison. That was truly wonderful. I really loved working with you – you are amazing!

So much love and best wishes


I have known Alison for some years now and can say that her mentoring, friendship and support have been instrumental in my growth and life journey.

I now realise that for many years I was not allowing myself to see who I really was and what I could achieve by loving myself as deeply as I love others.

Alison has never waivered from her teachings and her latest book, Bringing You Back To You brings everything together in what I now use as a reference book; I keep the book close-by and will often re-read.  The gift of ‘Letting Go’  really helps me focus and the F*** IT technique, well this instantly stops me ‘sweating the little stuff’ and always makes me feel liberated!

Life, and people can often unexpectedly throw you for a loop and if you sit and take time for yourself (and I mean absorb yourself in you) them the answers are all there.

I will not look back and wonder why I was blinkered before I will only appreciate how magical life is if we LET IT BE.

Bless You.

Gillian Hubbleday

From my first session with Alison I knew she would help me.I had low self esteem, lack of recognition for myself  and was living each day in a whirlwind of anxiety. My life had been through many trauma’s and with the sheer pressures of every day,I can honestly say I felt  like “I was sinking”

I am now grateful that I can acknowledge I had “lost my way “.

My sessions with Alison took me on an emotional journey to give me back to me.

Alison’s has helped me recognise my own self worth, re align me to the good things I have in my life and made me feel happy again.

She has taught me tools to help me with challenges and lows we can experience in life. I feel truelly blessed to have met her,she is unique and will help you find that inner peace and self worth you so deserve to have.

Thank you for giving me light again Alison.


Dear Angel Alison’s Community,

Bringing you Back to you!!!

3 Powerful lessons, that I have learned that Brought Carrie back to Carrie!

I have been asked to write a guest post today, which I am very honoured to do. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a personal insight into how with in just 3 Mentoring Sessions, Angel Alison has changed my life… she has in fact ‘Brought me back to me!’  Yep, so true.

In early March, whilst I have been doing lots of personal development on myself for a long time, easily over 15 years, something was not quite coming together.

Now, I’m a grafter, and a Sadge, so  I will just keep on taking action, you know even when others have given up days, months or even dare I admit this years ago.. Yep that much determination and stamina!  I’m good at  facing the ugly stuff.. and taking ownership for my role in my life! I am good at that!


The big blonde moment and missing part was that whilst I was doing all of this, I was not bringing out my vulnerability to the table very much, to those who love and care about me, although I was writing it out in my oodles of Journals, page after page, after page…!!!!

Part is the reason, for me not sharing is that as I have always been just a natural giver and excellent at holding and supporting people in their darkest moments, especially, I have not allowed myself to be too vulnerable with people, and because I have had my heart trampled on rather royally over the last few years I have been rather reluctant to really really be vulnerable with people.

It wasn’t until I really had my first session with Alison that the penny finally dropped that I needed to be more vulnerable not just with others but with myself. It was not that I wasn’t honouring feelings, and expressing them, rather than I wasn’t revealing them fully and showing them fully to those who love and care about me enough. I was a little just not enough, as I felt unconsciously that it was not right and that  I needed to be strong and hold it together, an approach that I have inherited from my dear mum, I am sure.

Another lightening bulb moment for me, has been that ‘People pleasing,’ is a form of control. which had never even occurred to me. Seriously Alison, I thought? I remember fighting myself with this one. Surely, just agreeing, and keeping the peace wasn’t controlling, as sometimes it just was too much of an effort to be a ‘demanding diva,’ and constantly ask for my needs to be met, was my story…. and then I changed.

I decided to start to be more honest with myself and say no much more and allow people to contact me, and I have actually through this process discovered who my real friends are and who were just around me because of what I gave them, and vanished when I needed them, or didn’t exactly like it when I had needs at all!  . Interesting!

Now, my ‘demanding diva,’ is alive and kicking and strangely is not giving a drama-addicted performance that I always thought she would; instead she is being strong, expressive, and learning to crystal clear about her feelings and taking full responsibility for her life. I cannot say that this is always easy at all, but what I can say is that it is becoming easier by day and I am feeling better and better and better!

The final and equally powerful lesson that I have learnt from Alison is that when I am feeling, or thinking something, negative, to just say: ” I let go, I let go, I let go.” Alison suggested that this can be useful for anything, even things that you want to manifest or happen; to just set the intention and let go. This strategy, well all three of them, has brought me truly back to myself,  and my power and my peace fully and deeply. It  has helped me with letting go of ‘friends,’ and outdated thoughts and ideas, and even beliefs that were not even mine that I had just inherited from the company I had kept and my own family such as ‘stupid Carrie, do you ever think things through,” ” you need to grow up and do this,” “don’t be so demanding you will never find a man when you are like that,” or even :” You will never be a millionaire doing that, no one will read it or buy it you are wasting your time, you would be better just giving up and getting a job! ” I know…!!

Today, I feel more at home with myself from deep within than I have ever felt,  more empowered and happier, and whilst I obviously took action and responsibility for my issues and my life, having Alison mentoring me, quickened the process up like magic!

I would say that unusually she walks her talk and is real, approachable and open, honest and vulnerable and very human too, which made me feel at ease, comfortable and more willing to go for it!!! Oh, and she’s cheeky sense of humour which added fun into our sessions too, very important!!

So, lovelies, I trust that my post has inspired you especially if you are feeling low, depressed or as if you are feeling like you are on your own, and that you do not matter.

I can assure you that session with Angel Alison will change this! I cannot recommend her enough. You will need to take full responsibility for your feelings, thoughts and your life, but she will encourage and support you all the way!!

Thanks for reading this, it’s been a true honour and pleasure to write,

Love Carrie x

I have had 2 amazing sessions with Alison now and have recently purchased a further 3 and also bought them for my mum for Christmas, this would say how much trust I have in Alison.  In every session Alison seems to just know exactly what is bothering me in life and gives guidance and support in an open hearted, non-judgemental way.  After every phone call or text message I always have a feeling of great peace and knowing to trust in life and myself.  I believe she has played a big part in helping me to believe in myself and to reach for anything I want in life (I set my own limitations).  She has provided me with tools to help me find that inner peace I am searching for which has began to work tremendously.  She always shows a genuine interest and really cares about your general well-being .  I can see how much of an amazing support she has been to myself, my family and my friends and it is wonderful to know that I have her there to help guide and support me.  I have no doubt in my mind that Alison will continue to help many people find their true self,  she is a beautiful lady and is perfect for the job she does.  I thank you so much Alison for playing a part in this journey I am on, I really look forward to reading your book, I know how many lifes it will help.

With all my love

Laura xxxxxxx

Alison, through her channelled guidance and expertise within this field assisted me greatly in unlocking my own inner ability to analyse and to qualify what relationships I have within my own life that actually enhanced me purposefully.  She helped me use and develop my own inner guidance to really understand the underlying messages and actions from my friends and co-workers, and assisted me to interpret what relationships I have, to highlight the ones that truly served me and those that drained on my own wellbeing.  All the relationships I analysed I had worked hard to develop and maintain, but there were a number of instances where they actually had a negative impact on my own energy.  Alison’s ability to core fundamental issues helped me immensely to understand the feelings I was experiencing and gave me the courage and confidence to let those relationships go – the ones that I had served, that truly did not serve me.


I appreciate you for believing that anything is possible no matter who you are, and how you inspire people to be the best version of themselves. Your willingness to reach out and  I appreciate that you always show u,  generous, honest and no b. .S. Straight and razor sharp, besutiful and benevolent. Alison has become my guiding light in a world often shadowed by darkness.


Testimonials for Alison’s books

Firstly a testimonal from Alison’s editor

One of the pleasures of being a writer and editor is being able to work with people whom you really respect, and to learn something in the process. I wrote Alison’s story for Chat it’s fate and was then asked to edit her second book, Bringing You Back to You! Alison has been through a great trauma in her life, but has managed to turn that into something positive. She is now dedicated to helping other people discover their full potential and be true to themselves. Her wise words have stayed with me, as they will do with you.

Danielle Wrate, Wrate’s Editing Services

Bringing You Back to YOU

You healed ‘the hole in my Soul’ which I had carried all my life. You helped me see the joys in life – my husband agrees he has never known me so happy and carefree.

My friend  recently lent me your book bringing you back to you and I have to say it is amazing!

I have been suffering with health anxiety for the last few months and reading your book has taught me techniques that really help take the edge off. I was very lost and scared and completely over whelmed with what was happening, yours words touched my heart and made me feel safe.

I have been told that you so certain days and different things that could help with my progression if you have any information as I’m not sure where to look I would be very grateful.

Thank you xxxxxxx


Happy Birthday Month!!! I asked Connor when he was going to get his reading from you, He wanted to settle into the new school year. Hopefully he will contact you soon. Great news — I recieved the second set of books you sent me. Thank you so much. I can’t wait to give Becca her copy when I see her on the 20th. So sweet of you to sign our copies.  I started to read mine and LOVE it!!!

Take care,  lots of love


I used to think I was fairly together …. then I read BYBTY!!! Wow, a light bulb moment. So many things made so much sense, and yes, it is so obvious that if you put your mind to it PROPERLY, you can change your life positively for the better. I have taken on board so many of the things Alison has written about. It is punchy, funny, and so enlightening. I will be using the techniques in my daily life. Alison has been a great help to me since meeting her over three years ago. We met under a very difficult time for me with regards to my health but since my full recovery Alison has taught me not to look back, to understand why it happened and most importantly to move on. This book has sealed the deal further, thanks Alison Ward, love you xxx

JN, Warwickshire

Beautifully written book from the heart. Read this book and let Alison be your guiding light!

Louise Presley – Turner Personal Growth Expert and Author.

After having read Alison’s Bringing You Back to You, I can honestly say this is a book to keep in your everyday toolbox

Each page holds a nugget of information that the reader can use at their own convenience

I found this book simple and easy to read and is suited to every type of reader, be it those who like to ‘crash’ read through and return to the exercises or for the reader who likes to read, digest and carry out the exercises as they progress through the book

Alison’s a very much down to earth character with a beautiful soul to bear, who shared her own difficult journey in her previous book to enhance the life of those who dare follow

If you seek a shortcut to the positive aspects and enrichment of your own life, then this is a must read.

A Thorpe-Wood

Awarded by Angels

Alison is clearly a very talented and naturally gifted writer, who tells her story of a series of events that changed her life for ever.Although I do not know Alison personally , I feel I do , maybe due to the emotional power of her writing.

She added humour at times which added to the quality of her writing and she is the reason I loved this book. For one who rarely makes time to read, I couldn’t put the book down.

The author made me feel the things she felt and see the things she saw – to sum it up in one word “inspirational”


Just a few lines to say I have finished reading your book – and really enjoyed it. I had a couple of false starts when I was involved with family things and had to put the book aside, so I did end up reading the first couple of chapters 3 times!!!!

Once I was ‘into’ it though, I couldn’t leave it unfinished! So many ‘light bulb’ moments, so many truths that resonated deep within me… and so many simple techniques to change your life.

I think I said to you previously – the answers were always there – just waiting for the right questions… and by writing them down, surprisingly, there were some changes to my answers when I went back to the beginning of the book again.

My Mantra now, with hand on heart – is let go, let go, let go …. It works for everything – whether something major in your past, or at this moment in time – or even to stop your anger when it rains as soon as you peg the washing out lol ….

A former unused room – a walk through, dumping ground, of a conservatory – is now my outer sanctuary… So lovely and warm, light and bright, and such a sense of peace there now. As soon as I sit on my comfortable cane sofa – I slip so easily into meditation. I can’t believe how I have wasted this room before.

I will say I struggled with some chapters…. the ego has always meant something different to me. I always believed that was big-headed people had – a huge ego… But once I got my head round it – I understand that ‘not good enough’, self sabotaging enemy within!!!!

Also I struggled with the demand and command co-creation. I am one of those ‘meek’ – who are waiting to inherit the earth lol. I have never been a demand – or command, person…. but the co-creation still works with my more gentle temperament… I have asked for – and received amazing gifts of peace, understanding, and contentment. I have had moments of pure BLISS! and you know how good that feels – I have felt I could fly – I could step off a cliff and be absolutely supported (no I’m not going to try it) but you know what I mean – that absolutely amazing feeling that no-one who hasn’t felt it can understand!

I am now brave enough to offer one observation that I would change in your book…… ( What me, DARE to offer even the slightest criticism of you!!!!! Well yes, me – I dare to dream, I believe in myself, I accept my truth…. and as the words of Marianne Williamson run through my head…. I offer you a little of MY light…..)

Page 110 ‘Buy yourself a gift every month, …. then every week’….. I really have a problem with this Alison, as I have tried the retail therapy route to happiness in the past… I KNOW what you MEAN – but can I suggest ‘GIVE yourself a gift’ – maybe a gift of time to have a guilt free pamper session and a soak in the bath, time to read that book you have been waiting to read, time to sit in the garden – or park – for YOUR OWN pleasure…. There are so many small treats that mums, and women in general ( or men) don’t give themselves – and I feel strongly that I wanted to point that out to you….

I want to thank you with all my heart for everything you have done for me – you have truly changed my life since the first day I met you. You healed ‘ the hole in my Soul’ which I had carried all my life. You helped me see the joys in life – my husband agrees he has never known me so happy and carefree.

(and I’ll let you know a little secret Alison – I have a few F*** it! moments – although I call them the Bugger it moments – and instead of doing what I should, could, be doing… I do what ‘I’ want to do – never mind duty or obligation or pleasing anyone else…. I please myself, I suit myself – and I do what I want to do – so there!!!!!!!! lol     I do hope you are loving this email

Thank you for everything Alison – I love you to the moon and back

Janice xxxxx


A Divinely Guided Magic always occurs whenever Alison and I talk which we have been led to do on a very regular basis during this past year.

Strange to say that Alison and I were together among a number of excited and eager Angel Therapists who trained with Doreen Virtue in Glastonbury in 2005; a fact we only recently discovered. The Universe has a wry sense of humour, I find. It is only with hindsight that we understand many things that happen in our lives.

It was an odd sequence of events how I reached out to Alison for a reading this year however that reading was filled with inspiration, humour, down to Earth wisdom and beautiful Sacred messages which left me inspired and with a heart filled reassurance that all would be well.

I also came away knowing I had a new friend who would always be ‘there’ for me.

Alison has been a wonderful gift to me this year. You see The Universe always knows when we need to find that one person who can make a difference for us.